My Tiny Obsession

Builder of custom scale model ships and trains

About Me

My name is Stephen Vallis and I am a retired member of the Canadian Forces; in over 30 years of service I have traveled all over Canada, the United States and numerous overseas locations.

I've been a model builder most of my life concentrating almost exclusively on ships and trains. I've written articles for Canadian Railway Modeller magazine. 

You can see more of my model ships photographs on Flickr and you can see some of my model train pictures here

 I'm also an avid railfan who enjoys photographing trains. You can see some of my railfan pictures here. 

About My Models

I enjoy researching my subjects to ensure accuracy. I believe a model is like a three dimensional painting; as an artist I strive to capture the signature elements of the real life item. I use a wide variety of materials and techniques to achieve realism. Professional quality decals, paints and finishes complete every model.

My MODEL RAILROAD pieces are typically custom painted models modified and detailed to reproduce authentic paint schemes and specific locomotives and rolling stock unique to the prototype. My usual subjects are Canadian railroads. Most of my railroad models are built on spec and offered for sale.        

My MODEL SHIPS may be built from kits, completely from scratch, or a combination of both. I use aftermarket etched brass and other multimedia components to produce highly detailed scale replicas that are faithful to the original. My usual subject are warships and commercial vessels from about 1910 to present, but I can build most anything. Typically my ships are built on commission; clients contact me seeking a model of a certain ship and I'll present some options. Once a plan is agreed upon, a deposit for materials cost is required to get the ball rolling. All model ships are finished complete with display cases and hardwood bases. 

About Commissioning a Model

Every project begins with your vision. I can work with you to determine how to make that a reality. I'll provide you a full scope of work complete with a quote. Rates vary with the complexity and size of the job. You will recieve updates with photos as your job progresses. 

Contact me at to discuss your ideas!

Thats me on the right with Dr John Fowler from the Bandy Heritage Center discussing the U-202 model 


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