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Model trains are a particular obsession of mine. I got my first train set when I was a boy, and I was hooked for life. As a Canadian model railroader who wanted accurate models of Canadian prototypes,  I cut my teeth scratchbuilding  MLW C-630's and RS-18's for my version of the "Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway". I soon was getting requests from fellow modellers to paint locomotives and rolling stock for them. Here are a few models built for various clients that I am particularly proud of. Some are simple weathering jobs, some are complete scratch build projects. This page should give you an idea of what I can do for you. Please contact me at to discuss your needs.


Canadian National 1786 is an HO Scale Overland brass RSC14. These were RS18 locomotives rebuilt with A-B-A trucks for use on light rail branchlines in Eastern Canada. Microscale decals, painted for a client in PEI.


Ontario Northland Railway Vans in HO scale are Rapido models, factory paint with custom weathering detailed for a customer in Ontario.

Ontario Southland Railway 378 is an HO scale Atlas GP-7 with appropriate details added including the bell, all weather window and winterization hatch. Decals are from Highball Graphics. Unit is nice and clean, the real OSR 378 is maintained in excellent condition. Painted for a client in Southern Ontario.




Canadian Pacific Railway 4438 is a F-7B unit, these would have seen action on CP Rail's passenger trains like "The Canadian" in the "pre VIA" era. This model is an HO scale Intermountain unit painted with True Line Trains paint and decorated with Microscale decals. Painted for a client in WA state.

Canadian National 5289 is an HO scale Kato SD40-2W converted to a Canadian unit with a wide cab. Decals are from Microscale, the CN style wide cab is from Kaslo Shops. The CN paint scheme is a little non standard, the real unit was painted in a US shop and is different from most CN units. Built for a client in Ontario.



GEXR 4019 is a GP40 built from an Atlas model and decorated in the Railtex scheme with decals from Highball Graphics. Painted for a client in Southern ON.  


Canadian Pacific Railway 9009 is an EMD SD40-2F built from a Kaslo Shops resin shell on a Kato chassis. This model features DCC and sound. The SD40-2F is a railfan favorite and is known as a "Red Barn". Built for a client in Toronto ON.  

Bachman Spectrum HO scale 2-8-0 custom painted and weathered as Chicago North Western 1716. I used three different shades of black on this model, as well as various shades of brown to represent grime and rust. Painted for a client in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Canadian National 5338 is a Kato SD40 in HO scale, modified with a Canadian Prototype Replicas widecab and appropriate details, Microscale decals for the Canadian National North America scheme, light weathering, built for a client in Ontario

Canadian National 2030 is an HO scale Stewart MLW C630. I rebuilt the trucks to replicate the correct Dofasco style, corrected the fuel tank and added appropriate details, paint and weathering. Decals are Microscale. This is not the new Bowser model. This model was commissioned by a client in Ontario.

Newfoundland Railway Narrow Gauge baggage car in S Scale. Decals were custom made by Jeff Tyrrell. Painted for a client in Southern Ontario.


Canadian National CN 79336 is a Hawker Siddeley Caboose. This HO Scale model is a Samhongsa brass import. It was painted with True Line Trains paints and decalled with Microscale decals. Sold on Ebay to a client in Western Canada

Newfoundland Railway Narrow Gauge fuel car in S Scale, painted for a client in Southern Ontario. Another set of custom decals from Jeff Tyrrell. I work with custom decal makers to create unique models like this, if you have an unusual scheme or obscure roadname, or even your own fictional railroad, I can get the job done.


Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway 3716 is an N scale RS-18 from True Line Trains. Custom painted using Badger paints and Microscale decals. This one is part of my personal collection.

Canadia Pacific 85053 is a 50' Paper Products Boxcar. This HO scale Life Like P1K model has been carefully weathered to simulate a very road weary railcar! 

Canadian National 50988 is a Jordan Spreader used by the railroad to groom track ballast. It could also be used a snow plow. This model was built from a Walther's kit with modifications to match the Canadian version. 

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