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HMCS New Glasgow in 1/350 scale

HMCS New Glasgow was a River Class Frigate that served the Royal Canadian Navy during WW2. Designed by Smith's Dock Company of South Bank-on-Tees, these ships were originally designated "twin-screw corvettes", since their purpose was to improve on the convoy escort classes in service at the time. The first Royal Navy versions were named for rivers in the UK, giving a name to the class, while in Canada they were named for towns and cities. The designation "frigate" was suggested by RCN Vice-Admiral Percy Nelles. 

HMCS New Glasgow was built by Yarrows Ltd. at Esquimalt BC and commissioned in Dec 1943. The ship would serve in the Battle of the Atlantic, and was responsible for the loss of the last German U-Boat sunk by the RCN in WW2, U-1003. The model is painted in an accurate Admiralty disruptive paint scheme and represents the ship as she appeared in 1943. It comes complete with a hardwood display base and a removable clear Lexan dust cover.  The compact size is perfect for display in your home or office. To purchase this model, contact me for details at  

HMCS Snowberry in 1/144 scale  ** SOLD! **

HMCS Snowberry was a Flower Class Corvette in the Royal Canadian Navy in WW2. Derived from a design of the whale catcher Southern Pride, 267 Flower Class Corvettes served with the Royal Navy, The Royal Canadian Navy, and others, primarily in the Battle of the Atlantic where they were used as convoy escorts in the bitter struggle against German submarines, the much feared "U-Boats". This model is 1/144 scale and measures about 17 inches long. The model depicts Snowberry accurately as she appeared in 1943 after her second major refit, and features all the typical modifications made to these ships including extension of the forecastle, removal of the main mast, installation of the "hedge-hog" anti submarine mortar, and the widened and extended open bridge. Snowberry is painted in an accurate "Western Approaches" disruptive paint scheme. The model comes complete with a hardwood display base and a removable clear Lexan dust cover. This model has been sold but I can build another one just like it.  

Model Ships Ready to be Commissioned

HMCS HAIDA in 1/350 Scale

                                 "READY AYE READY!"
HMCS Haida is a Tribal Class destroyer that served the Royal Canadian Navy from 1943 until 1963. Preserved in Hamilton Ontario as a National Historic Site, HMCS Haida sank more enemy surface ships than any other Canadian warship. HMCS Haida was just recently declared the Ceremonial Flagship of the Royal Canadian Navy. This precise museum quality model will represent Haida as she appears today in exquisite 1/350 scale. Like all my models, she will come on a hardwood base with a removable clear dust cover. Please contact me for pricing. 

HMCS BONAVENTURE Aircraft Carrier in 1/96 scale  **SOLD!**


This one is unique. HMCS Bonaventure was Canada's last aircraft carrier. A British built Majestic Class carrier, "the Bonnie" served Canada from 1957 to 1970. This model is a one of a kind complete scratch built effort in fantastic 1/96 scale. That's over seven feet of model! I acquired this model incomplete from another gentleman; his intention was to build it as a radio controlled operating model. I'm offering this model to be completed either as a working model or as a static display. With something this big, options abound! 

OBERON Class Submarine in 1/350 Scale

                               "DIVE DIVE DIVE"

Oberon Class diesel electric submarines were operated by the Royal Canadian Navy from 1964 until the late 90's. This model is a 1/350 scale highly detailed museum quality piece and can be completed to depict the boat in either pre or post "SOUP" (Submarine Operational Upgrade Project) configuration.

I can build any of the Oberon Class boats.  

HMCS Onondaga S73 built previously for a client.

Note that three different shades of black were used to create a highly realistic appearance with subtle variations in tone.

HMCS ST CROIX in 1/350 Scale

HMCS St Croix was an ex USN destroyer acquired by the RCN in WW2 under Lend Lease. A classic "four piper", she was torpedoed by a German submarine in Sept 1943 and sunk.

About 80 survivors were rescued by HMS Itchen. Tragically the next day Itchen was also sunk; only one member of St Croix's crew survived. This highly detailed model will represent HMCS St Croix as she appeared at the time of her loss and will be a fine tribute to her lost crew.

USS MISSOURI in 1/200 Scale

USS Missouri BB-63 is an Iowa Class battleship that served the United States Navy for over 40 years. Missouri saw action in the Pacific in WW2, Korea and the First Gulf War. She was the stage for the formal surrender of Japan, signed on her deck in Tokyo Harbor at the end of WW2. Today, she is a museum ship at Pearl Harbor, fittingly moored at "Battleship Row" near the wreck of USS Arizona. This model is a massive 1/200 scale replica that will make a big impression! Measuring 53 inches long, all of the "Mighty Mo's" details are finely represented. This massive model would be perfect for a museum display, or for your home or professional office

USS ARIZONA BB39 in 1/200 Scale

                                "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR!"
USS Arizona is perhaps the most famous battleship in the United States Navy.
A "super-dreadnaught" built in 1916, she was immortalized by her destruction during the Pearl Harbor Attack on December 7, 1941, the "Day of Infamy" that thrust the United States fully into World War 2.
This stunning model measures 36 inches and faithfully represents the ship as she appeared in the last months before the attack. It would be highly suitable for a museum or public display honoring the memory of her gallant sailors, or as the centerpiece of a home display.

HMS HOOD in 1/350 or 1/200 Scale

                                            "SINK THE BISMARCK!"
Forever immortalized by her loss in action with the German Battleship Bismarck, HMS Hood is widely considered one of the most beautiful warships of all time. I can produce this model in either a more compact 1/350 scale, or in a truly glorious 1/200 scale version. Either model will capture her elegant, sleek hull lines and all her fine details, and would be highly suitable for an office or museum display. 
 Contact me for details! 

USS ENTERPRISE CV6 in 1/350 Scale

                                          "THE BIG E"
USS Enterprise CV-6 is one of the most famous warships in all recorded history. She participated in nearly every major action in the Pacific War and is the US Navy's most decorated ship. At the Battle of Midway, Enterprise and her sisters stood against a superior Japanese force and delivered a stunning knockout blow that is often called the greatest naval battle of all time.
This museum quality 1/350 scale model will represent Enterprise in her Midway configuration. This model will be a star in any collection. Contact me for details.

RMS TITANIC in 1/350 Scale

                      "MISTER MURDOCK, WHAT WAS THAT?"
RMS Titanic is perhaps the most famous ship in recorded history. This highly detailed 1/350 scale model will be crafted from the newest upgraded version of the Minicraft kit (recognized as "the official kit" by the Titanic Historical Society). The finished model will be approximately 30" long. It will feature photo etched brass railings and other exacting details. The model will be mounted on a handsome hardwood base covered with a protective clear display case. It will be a museum quality, eye catching show stopper! 

USS NAUTILUS SSN 571 in 1/350 Scale

                         "UNDERWAY ON NUCLEAR POWER"
USS Nautilus is the worlds first nuclear powered submarine. As such she is generally considered the first true submarine. Among her many accomplishments is the first submerged transit of the North Pole in Aug 1958. Designated a National Historic Landmark, USS Nautilus is now retired and is on public display at Groton, Connecticut. This model is ready to be commissioned to your specifications in precise 1/350 scale and would make a fine addition to any naval display in the home or office. Contact me for details.